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Encore Caregivers are in-home care providers that provide a wide variety of activities and outings to keep our clients happy.
Studies have shown that the regular activity and comfort provided by a companion have a dramatic impact on the Alzheimer's care and general mental health of the seniors in our lives.

Our Private Senior Care Services 


Whether reminiscing or discussing current events, casual conversation helps to keep a feeling of connectivity to the world around us.  It helps us to break the isolation and can return a sense of normally for seniors suffering form dementia or in need of Alzheimer's care.


To the zoo, museum, mall, luncheons or other fun activities.  A companion can make the outing so much more enjoyable. Getting out of the home can help to keep you active both physically and mentally. In-home care is a holistic practice that should include more than just the home.

Reading and Correspondence

Senior home care is about more than medicine and physical health.  Often for those undergoing Alzheimer's care and private senior care there is a very real need for assistance with daily tasks and prescribed duties. 


Crafts, puzzles, games, and cards.  Activities like these are fun and mentally stimulating for the client.  Having a companion to encourage the seniors in your life to engage in their hobbies is a great way to keep them mentally and physically engaged.
Please read about how Encore Caregivers’ staff also provides Personal Care and Homemaking Services.
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