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Are You Getting A Good Deal On In-Home Care?

I am frugal and I am proud of it.  One way that has manifested itself in my life is by the fact that I have taken shopping to a new level.  I watch the grocery store for butcher’s bargains (I love those – best deals are at 6:30 a.m.-ish on a Saturday at my...

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Hot Weather Senior Safety – Know the Drill

It is a known fact that as summer approaches in Houston, the temperatures climb to steamy highs. That’s why it’s especially important during these hot months to check in on senior neighbors and loved ones. Now is the time for Encore Caregivers to share the CDC’s...

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Best News I’ve Heard in a Long Time!

Dark Chocolate is Healthy!!!!! Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health posted a notable paper which gives the go-ahead to dark chocolate eating. (My best day ever!) Why? Extensive research by credible sources with interesting, positive results. They...

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Encore Caregivers wants you to know:

You may have seen the recent news video of the private caregiver being physically and verbally abusive to her elderly client. It was shocking and reprehensible.   Fact: A caregiver hired from an unlicensed agency or hired privately represents an unknown that can pose...

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Oh, yes, we are thankful —

It is time to be thankful — and as Encore Caregivers is preparing to celebrate our millionth hour of service to seniors, we want the world to know that we have a true attitude of gratitude. We are thankful … for our client, for the abilities of our caregivers to meet...

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Are You Thinking Flu? You Should Be!

Influenza continues to spread illness across the country and flu-related hospitalization and death indicators have increased sharply in recent weeks with the heaviest toll on people 65 and older. The Center for Disease Control is urging seniors to seek treatment for...

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