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Encore Story

A Perfect Fit

Encore Story: In 1996, husband and wife Nora and Mike Aden decided to go into business. It was a perfect fit: Cameo Caregivers, a small in-home care agency. They acquired the company from an elderly couple who had started it more than a decade earlier because they couldn’t find quality care for their aging parents. When Nora, a Registered Nurse, and Mike, a CPA, Cameo had 13 clients and 25 caregivers. Eight years later, Cameo had more than 200 clients and 350 caregivers. Through the Adens’ efforts, Cameo Caregivers had grown to become one of Houston’s most significant private duty, in-home care agencies. After being voted best in-home care provider in Houston 3 years in a row, many people started sharing testimonials about Encore. Furthermore, increasing the brand’s reputation as a leading senior caregiver provider in Houston.

An Offer at the Right Time

When a business-saavy doctor offered to purchase Cameo Caregivers in 2004, Nora and Mike considered the possibilities: 1) They wanted to travel. 2) They wanted to spend time with their grandchildren. 3) They needed a rest. 4) They knew a good offer when they saw one. They accepted the offer and retired to the Hill Country. Life was perfectly sweet (for a time).

An Expired Non-Compete Agreement

As the five-year mark of the sale of Cameo Caregivers passed, Nora and Mike again began to consider the possibilities: 1) They had traveled. 2) They had spent time with their grandchildren (whom they sometimes found to be too much of a good thing). 3) They were rested, but bored. 4) They missed the business. The Adens decided it was time for another plunge into Houston’s in-home care industry.

An Encore Performance

In 2009, Encore Caregivers was born. Nora and Mike had started their own agency, from scratch. Their idea was to keep the agency small with only a few caregivers and clients. The day after receiving Encore Caregivers’ license to operate from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Nora and Mike attended a local caregiver conference. It was there that ties were reestablished and the word got out, “Mike and Nora are back!” Later that afternoon, the first client call came in. Encore Caregivers was off and running. Since then, the agency has achieved steady, significant growth. Despite the rise and fall in oil prices, despite the economy, through bull and bear markets, Encore Caregivers became a shining star in Houston’s bright business sky. Once again, the Adens were at the head of one of the Bayou City’s largest private duty, in-home care agencies.

A Quality Friendship

When Mike and Nora decided to take a step back from the full-time operation of Encore Caregivers in 2015, they brought in friends, Marilou and Milton Schopper as partners. Milton has decades of experience as a business owner and consultant. Marilou has an equal amount of experience in public and private sector communications and public relations. Both have personal, family experiences with dementia and Alzheimer’s that bring vital knowledge and empathy to the table when advising families on care choices for their loved ones. Under their leadership, Encore Caregivers remains the solid, caring, skilled and professional in-home care choice for Houston’s seniors.

Honoring The Legacy

In the years following 2015, Milton and Marilou have ensured that Encore Caregivers continues to offer only the best kind of in-home care to Houston’s families.  That statement can be backed up with telephone survey after telephone survey.  Who is completing the surveys? Home Care Pulse is a benchmark marketing company, well known in the senior in-home care industry.  The company calls 10% of Encore Caregivers’ clients and caregivers (current and recent past) each month and asks for a simple 1-10 rating to questions like these:  (client) Does Encore Caregivers significantly improve your quality of life every day?  (caregiver) Do you have the level of training necessary for you to excel at your job? Far from being cushy, softballs – the questions are bold and pointed and the answers quickly uncover the “good” and the “needing improvement” in the day to day.  Using results from the surveys, the Schoppers have tweaked the company’s offering, for clients and caregivers – in an unequaled continual improvement program that has reaped rich results.  Home Care Pulse announced in January of 2019 that Encore Caregivers was the only company in Houston that had won their national award, “Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence”.  In January of 2020, Home Care Pulse announced that Encore Caregivers was one of only three Houston companies to win their national award.  In a national Webinar in January 2021, Home Care Pulse announced a “three-peat” for Encore Caregivers – once again a “Best of Home Care Leader in Excellence” award winner.  After 11 years of serving Houston’s families with 1.5 million hours of high-quality service under our belt, you can be more confident and comforted than ever that Encore Caregivers provides the best in skilled, professional and caring services for your family. 


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