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Read through testimonials from our clients to see why we are Houston’s trusted source for private in-home aides.

“They were very dependable and there when I needed them.”
Tonya, 77030
“He really cannot walk, bathe, or eat without assistance, and they make it possible for him to comfortably live at home”
“I like her personality, her grooming, her promptness and her dedication to her job.”
Mary Frances, 77379
“It’s been outstanding. She’s a very nice person and a hard worker. She thinks ahead.”
Patsy, 77024
“They go beyond what traditional caregivers do. They work, they excel – they become your friend.”
Linda, Houston, TX 77056
“Our caregivers are well-trained, nice, friendly people. They are so thoughtful and take good care.” 
Jody, Houston, TX 77056
“Strong work ethic and genuine compassion – best care specialists and management by far!” 
Sam, Houston, TX 77025 
“They were very responsive and attentive to our needs.”
James, Houston, TX 77054 
“They have the ability to calm me in a very tough time and to anticipate my needs.”
Karla, Houston, TX 77082 
“I appreciate their flexibility and ability to adjust to my schedule.” 
Cheri, Houston, TX 77065
“The light housework is a blessing. You need to hire more like her.” 
Dianne, 77025
“They are there when I need them.” 
Edith 77025 
“You have given me my freedom to go out without worrying.” 
Sue, Houston, TX 77055
“They’ve become more like friends with her.”
Allen, Houston 77006
“They communicate with mom very directly, and they allow her to be in control with what she can be in control of. They are kind, gentle, and attentive.”
Sheryl, Houston 77025
“She does not complain about being asked to do things. My mother would be very lonely without her main caregiver.”
Katherine, Houston 77027
“We have a friendship, not just a relationship of a client and a caregiver. We care about each other and we’re concerned about each other.”
Myrna, Spring 77379
“She takes my wife for walks, and she is one of the best people I’ve ever had come.”
Joe, Houston 77035
“It’s helpful because I can’t drive anymore due to my eyes. It’s very nice and convenient. The people are very nice.”
Margaret, Houston 77086
“The services enhance my daily life.”
Mary Frances, Spring 77379
“They were accountable, and I didn’t have worry about someone not taking care of my loved one.”
Jamie, Houston 77024
“They are very attentive. They reply to my emails very quickly. They take my concerns and complaints very quickly and are very professional.”
Lynn, Houston 77027
“The office staff is outstanding and have saved my life in finding caregivers, letting me know what to expect or if we need a substitute and they asked our permission before taking action. They are the most efficient company I have ever worked with.”
Shirley, Houston 77056
“They were available for 24 hours via text or phone call.”
Larisa Houston 77088
“She was very good with our dog which made a big difference.”
Alison, Houston 77096
“I have had only one caregiver the whole time, and she is just fine. We get along very well.” 
Myrna, 77379
“They are always to answer the phone and get right back when I need to talk to the owner.” 
Ann, 77478
“They are very clear, prompt, and we know what to expect from them.” 
Mozelle, 77479
“My father is the patient and my mother is the caretaker. They have been very helpful with the quality of the staffing they provide and their flexibility and the scheduling. It is a tough situation, and they try to help in any way they can.” 
“My caregivers are loving and caring.” 
Edith, Houston, TX 77401
“I am very happy with the service. There is such a quick response to my needs.” 
Nelda, Houston, TX, 77079
“Your dependability and flexibility are appreciated.” 
Ardelis, Houston, TX 77478
“Excellent Caregivers – it is fun to have her around. Find and employ more caregivers like her.” 
Suzy, Houston, TX 77005
“Knowing Mom is safe and cared for by the caregivers is a God-send.” 
Cindy, Houston, TX 77024
“Encore Caregivers do what they say.” 
Lois, Houston, TX 77024 
“The service is so dependable.”
Gloria, Houston, TX 77024 
“They always arrange a replacement when the regular caregiver is unavailable.
Mary, Houston, TX 77025
“She does a great job. She does everything we ask her to do. She is so patient.”
Rosemary, Houston, TX 77070
“I like that Encore Caregivers provides a personal touch.”
Ladessa, Houston 77050
“They have been really flexible with me, in particular with scheduling. My mom has not been the easiest person to please, and they have been very cooperative.”
Sheryl, Houston 77025
“They were very pleasant and on time and that’s all I cared for. There is nothing I would have improved.”
William, Houston 77030
“I have so many things to do outside the home, and I couldn’t leave without their help.”
Anonymous, Houston
“I like their cheerfulness and that they show caring and concern.”
Anonymous, Houston
“Any questions I had have been answered immediately. They get back to me right away, and I’m not left waiting for them to call me.”
Kerri, Sugar Land 77498
“They followed up on things I told them and in the end they were able to do everything right. They were very willing to make things right.”
Sherri, Houston 77070
“We’re trying to keep the client in their home and it’s difficult for the family to do it because it’s physically demanding. The services free us up to live our own lives.”
Jayne, Houston 77024
“My mom wanted to put up her Christmas decorations while she was here, and the caregiver helped her. My mom is very picky, and the caregiver was very patient with her.”
Kerri, Sugarland 77498
“They are always available. They are reliable and trustworthy. I appreciate their kindness.”
Randy, Houston 77019
“They are here so she isn’t alone. She can ask them to help her do anything.”
Debby, Houston 77096
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