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Tanglewood In-Home Senior Elderly Health Care

Here at Encore Caregivers, our Tanglewood in-home senior health care services come in many forms in order to accommodate the varying needs of the clients we serve. This is one of the many things that make our service so effective.

Encore caregivers is the best and greatest agency I have ever worked with, they have a loving and caring staff,who cares for there caregivers first. They listen to us and care for us, we also get a lot of bonuses. I don't think I can work with any other agency, my bosses are wonderful as well as the staff. I would love to recommend Encore Caregivers to people and senior citizens because I am proud of Encore Caregivers.
mosunmola omosanya
mosunmola omosanya
15:31 08 Feb 19
Encore is great company to work for, they have very flexible schedules, they have on going PAID training WOW, what a company they pay you to learn. They are not just employers but they are truly your family when I lost my sister 3 weeks ago they were very concerned and sent a card in the mail, they allowed me time to grieve. If I told you all the great qualities it would seriously take me to write a full page. I am not a paid spokesperson but a fully satisfied family member (employee) of Encore Caregivers of Houston.Thank you Milton, Marilou, and staff
Tanya Smith
Tanya Smith
00:19 16 Feb 19
Encore Caregivers is family oriented, they have a open door policy and allow you to vent about your issues. They help you through crisis, this is a great place to work.
Veronica Watkis
Veronica Watkis
17:53 27 Feb 19
Encore caregiver is the most and best company I know due to they professional and good service to their client and everyone.
Grace Kimweli
Grace Kimweli
18:02 13 Feb 19
Encore is the best place to work,I started working in November and since then I see them like my family,their staff is ready to help if you have any,they are wonderful people,no regret at all.
Omolabake Omobolanle Awofade
Omolabake Omobolanle Awofade
17:11 12 Feb 19

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Dementia Care

Why In-Home Care Should Be Personalized

No two elderly men and women have the same needs at home. That’s why Encore Caregivers and our Tanglewood in-home elderly health care services provide assistance on the terms of our clients. This can include:

  • Part-time care: Many men and women are able to lead completely independent lives on their own with the exception of a few particular tasks. Our in-home senior health care services in Tanglewood, TX provide part-time care for these individuals when they need it.
  • Full-time care: Other needs are more extensive. Because of this, Encore Caregivers provides round-the-clock Tanglewood in-home senior health care services for the men and women who require assistance with many activities of daily living.
  • Respite care: The families of elderly individuals might tend to most of the duties that come with taking care of an elderly loved one, but everyone needs a break. Our Tanglewood in-home elderly health care services are perfect to provide primary caretakers with a needed respite.

No matter how often we visit a home to administer in-home elderly health care services in Tanglewood, TX, our approach is the same. We utilize compassionate men and women to provide quality, dignified care for our clients.

We place an emphasis on providing an experience for our clients that allows them to lead independent, safe lives despite their physical and/or mental limitations.

Only 3 agencies in Houston achieved this national award which is based on feedback from clients and caregivers. Only three — and only 1 agency has won it two years in a row. Only one. That’s us. We are so proud.

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